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The University’s response to health and safety or environmental incidents is recorded on the Incident Reporting and Investigation System (IRIS). All departmental and specialist safety officers have access to IRIS and will have visibility of all incidents that have taken place within their department(s).

Access to IRIS requires a secure VPN connection if accessing from home and your single sign on (SSO) credentials to log in.

If you think you should have access to IRIS but currently do not, please consult with your Area or Divisional Safety Officer.

If you require further assistance, please contact the IRIS Project Team.

The lifecycle of a health and safety or environmental incident

Information from the completed Incident Reporting Form is held in the University’s Incident Reporting & Investigation System (IRIS). Once submitted, the incident is reviewed by the Departmental Safety Officer for the department where the incident took place. Where an incident occurs off University premises at a University organised event or activity, it is reviewed by the organising department.

Findings from these reviews and any subsequent in-depth investigations are also recorded in IRIS.

incident lifecycle

Picture illustrating the lifecycle of a health and safety or environmental incident

Data entered into the system allows Safety Officers to analyse data for departments, divisions, and the University as a whole, to identify not only trends and areas for improvement, but also areas of best practice to be shared across the University.

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