Accident and incident reporting

All accidents and incidents, including injury, fire, dangerous occurrences and near misses, must be reported without delay to the University Safety Office. This can be done using the Incident Reporting Form on the IRIS system using the button below.

Report an incident

The University is legally obliged to report certain incidents to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). The University Safety Office determines and makes these types of reports to the HSE. There are time constraints for reporting to the HSE. It is therefore important that people report incidents quickly, especially those that may involve the following:

  • any death occurring as a result of work activities
  • any serious injury to an employee as a result of work activities
  • any dangerous occurrence that could have resulted in a serious injury or fatality
  • any accident to a student, visitor or member of the public as a result of work activities and results in them being taken to hospital for treatment
  • if an employee is incapacitated for more than seven consecutive days following an injury at work