Meet the team

Mr Les Wright

Interim Director of Occupational Health and Safety
 01865 (2)70810

Mr Brian Jenkins

Head of the Safety Office
 01865 (2)70814

Mr Paul Kayente

University Radiation Protection Officer
 01865 (2)70802

Dr Chris Williams

University Safety Officer
 01865 (2)70809

Miss Tanya Boyce

Assistant University Safety Officer (part-time Mondays to Wednesdays)
 01865 (2)70807

Mr Steve Emery

University Fire Officer
 01865 (2)70813

Mrs Caroline Tilling

Assistant University Fire Officer
 01865 (2)70882

Miss Tracey Mustoe

University Biological Safety Officer
 01865 (2)70803

Mrs Gillian Jenkins

Radiation Technical Assistant
 01865 (2)70808

Mr Simon Haycox

Radiation Safety Assistant
 01865 (2)70818

Ms Frances Russell

Hazardous Waste Technical Officer
 01865 (2)70815

Miss Diane Harris

 01865 (2)70812

Miss Ekta Singh

PA to the Director, University Fire Officer & University Radiation Protection Officer
 01865 (2)70880

Mrs Lucia Browning

PA to the University Safety Officers, the University Biological Safety Officer & Assistant University Biological Safety Officer
 01865 (2)70811

Contact Us

Safety Office

10 Parks Road

Oxford OX1 3PD

 01865 (2)70811


Opening Hours

 Monday - Thursday: 8.30am to 5pm

 Friday: 8.30am to 4pm


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