Face-fit testing

Face-fit testing is a legal requirement if you're going to use tight fitting respiratory protective equipment. This is to make sure that the respirator you use fits your face, so as to prevent hazardous substances from being breathed in at harmful levels.

The requirements and considerations for the use of respirators are outlined in the University policy statement below.

If you need to use a respirator to protect your health during your work, please contact your area or divisional safety officer to organise a face-fit test. If you do not know who your area or divisional safety office is, please ask your departmental safety officer or your administrator. If you are still unsure, please contact us.

The face-fit test takes around 30mins to complete. It involves a series of simple tests (e.g. head movements up/down, side-to-side) whilst wearing a respirator and connected to a test instrument. The test instrument simply measures the amount of hazardous substance entering the respirator to ensure a suitable fit and appropriate level of protection.

If you have any concerns or questions about the test, please speak to your area or divisional safety officer who will explain the process in more detail.