Asbestos is a recognised class 1 carcinogen that is harmful to human health and the environment. It was used in the UK until late-1999 in building materials and equipment, for purposes such as soundproofing or thermal insulation. It does not pose a risk when in good condition and not physically disturbed. There is only a danger to health if fibres of asbestos are released and inhaled. The University has asbestos within the estate, older departmental equipment and certain research specimens, and has a duty to manage the risks this creates.  

The policy statement outlines the responsibilities of different people, known as duty holders. It sets out how asbestos should be managed across the University in both the functional estate (i.e. those buildings to which the Standing Orders apply) and the non-functional estate (all other buildings). The Estates Services are responsible for the management of asbestos in all buildings used for teaching, learning, research and administration (i.e. the functional estate). Departments are responsible for managing asbestos that might be present in asbestos containing objects (e.g. equipment, geological samples).

Asbestos Related Enquiries