Many University buildings will have asbestos containing materials in the building fabric, as they were in common use until the mid-1980s; they may also be present in old equipment. Where these materials are in good condition and remain undisturbed they do not present a risk to health. When asbestos is disturbed or damaged, fibres may become airborne and can be inhaled. This can happen when work is carried out on or near ACMs, especially if they are broken, sawn, drilled, or sanded, or are in a poor state of repair.

The University’s Estates Services is responsible for managing asbestos in the fabric of buildings and departments are responsible for managing that present in equipment.

Notice: This policy is currently under review

The policy statement on asbestos is currently under review.  Any activity that has the potential to disturb known or unknown asbestos must be done in consultation with Estates Services.  Further details on asbestos management is therefore available on the Estates Services website.