Working safely with electricity

This University policy statement outlines the requirements of the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and how they should be applied at the University. Details include:

  • staff responsibilities
  • live work and live testing
  • purchase or disposal of electrical equipment
  • teaching and research activities
  • design and construction of electrical systems and equipment
  • users of electrical equipment

The policy statement also covers portable electrical appliances and testing (see appendix 2 of the document).

Portable electrical appliances are those that are powered between 25 and 240 Volts and connected to the mains supply via a plug and socket. This usually means items that can be easily moved (e.g. fans, kettles or heaters). However, it can include some items that are hard-wired (e.g. fans or hand dryers), as well as some larger, less transportable appliances that are not part of the fixed installation.

Individuals have to assess the risks associated with portable electrical appliances. They then have to determine an appropriate examination programme to ensure the items remain safe to use. The policy statement outlines how this assessment and examination programme must be done.