Haz Box Service

Who is the Haz Box service for?

The University operates a HazBox service for departments outside of the science area that produce small amounts of specific types of hazardous waste. 


Notice: Departments within Science Areas

All departments within the Science Areas must process their hazardous waste by completing and submitting a relevant request form to the Safety Office - See:  Hazardous waste: downloadable forms | Safety Office (ox.ac.uk)



Haz Box Contents

When you sign up to the scheme you will be provided with a 55 litre lidded plastic container in which to put your hazardous waste. A typical list of items that are permitted and can be collected in the box is provided is:

  • WASTE AEROSOLS e.g. poster mounting, air freshener etc 

  • WASTE DRY CELL ALKALINE BATTERIES e.g. clock, calculator etc 

  • WASTE LEAD ACID BATTERIES e.g. dept. vehicle

  • WASTE NiCd BATTERIES e.g. emergency lighting etc 

  • WASTE LITHIUM ION BATTERIES e.g. laptop batteries, button cell batteries etc

  • WASTE OIL e.g. dept. vehicles, boiler house 

  • WASTE OIL FILTERS e.g. dept. vehicle



  • WASTE CONTAMINATED RAGS / WIPES e.g. oil contaminated rags

  • WASTE CORROSIVE LIQUIDS – ACIDIC e.g. sulphuric acid

  • WASTE CORROSIVE LIQUIDS – BASIC e.g. Sodium hydroxide

  • EMPTY CONTAINERS e.g. oil containers


The Haz Box service must not be used for the disposal of non-hazardous waste. Departments must make their own arrangements for collection of non hazardous waste. 

The Haz Box Process

To use the scheme, you are required to provide and maintain up to date details on the following:

  • Department (Building) name
  • Address, including postcode
  • Exact location of where your HazBox is stored
  • Any special notes on the arrangements for collection
  • Whether the building is within a Zero Emission Zone in Oxford
  • A primary contact for coordinating the collection, being present on the day to handover waste to Grundon and to sign any relevant paperwork 
  • A secondary contact who can act as a deputy.
  • Confirmation whether the building is managed by an Estates FM Team.
  • The name of your departmental safety officer
  • The name (as relevant) of your area or divisional safety officer.

You will also be required to complete and maintain an up to date a 'Hazard Identification Form (HIF)'.  This provides technical information to Grundon on their vehicle access and associated handling risks from your building.  A blank HIF proforma is available for completion.

The above information, along with completed HIFs, is available on a dedicated Grundon HazBox Scheme Teams channel.  The channel is restricted to those who currently use the system.  If you want to be added, please email hazardouswaste@safety.ox.ac.uk.

The Safety Office will coordinate the collection and disposal of your waste on a quarterly basis.  Prior to the collection you will be asked to complete a short questionnaire checking whether you need a collection on the date prescribed, as well as confirming that the contents are in line with the prescribed list and whether any larger items require collection at the same time e.g. fluorescent tubes.  

You are required to complete the form regardless of whether you require a collection or not, so the Safety Office can keep track of the University's hazardous waste disposal.

The next collection date is:  Monday 11th July


This is the regular collection round process.  More frequent collections can be made, or other items included where necessary, by prior arrangement with the University Safety Office.

More Information

Grundon have produced their own leaflet on the Haz Box Scheme.  However, please ensure all communication regarding the scheme is undertaken via the Safety Office.  Please do not contact Grundon directly.

In addition, you can find out more by completing the online training presentation Training A-Z | Safety Office (ox.ac.uk).

Contact us

Hazardous waste disposal enquiries

@ hazardouswaste@safety.ox.ac.uk

General enquiries

@ enquiries@safety.ox.ac.uk