Health & Safety Review

The University is carrying out a comprehensive review of health and safety. We expect this will lead to changes that will make our staff safer - as well as our students and visitors to the University - and to a new long-term system for health and safety management.

We’re doing this because we want our health and safety performance to reflect the University’s position as a world leader in research and teaching and to manage effectively the risks our staff work with on a daily basis.  We also want you to feel confident about the safety of your working environment.

The University is working with the Health & Safety Executive to make sure the review achieves our aims. It has two parts: first, an assessment of our safety culture through a Safety Climate Survey of all staff, which we carried out during February, and secondly a thorough evaluation of governance, leadership and management.

It is vital that our staff are directly involved in the review and the changes we will make.  We also want to share good practice as well as identify where we can do better.

The Safety Climate Survey asked what you think about health and safety at work, your ideas for improvements, and what training and support you want. We are now analysing the results and will share them with departments after Easter.  Thanks go to all those who took part.


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