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iris log in screen

Access to IRIS is done using your single sign-on (SSO) credentials. Clicking on the 'Log in with SSO Credentials' button will redirect you to the University's SSO log in screen where you can enter your credentials.

Do not enter your SSO details on this screen

The manual log in fields are for system administrators only



iris error message

This error message appears when you try to access IRIS from outside of the University's network. To rectify this either connect to the University network via a cabled connection or using the University's VPN service.

Find out more about VPN use at the University

iris absence data missing status

 This status occurs in two scenarios:

  1. The 'Employee absent from work' field on the DSO Review has been answered as 'Not known'
  2. The 'Employee absent from work' field on the DSO Review has been answered as 'Yes' and no return to work date has been entered in the 'Return to work date' field

To rectify this:

  1. The 'Employee absent from work' field must be answered as either 'Yes', 'No' or 'N/A'
  2. If answered 'Yes', a return to work date must be entered

Some fields on the IRIS system drive workflows and system functionality. These workflows commence when a page is saved and sometimes take longer to run that the time taken to reload the page.

To rectify, refresh the page in question and the status will have updated.

action email ea


You will have received an email notification from the IRIS system outling the action that has been assigned to you and the timeframe in which it should be completed. Included in the email notification is a link to close the action. Clicking this link will open a form where you can enter what was done to resolve the action that was assigned to you. Completing this field and submitting it to the system will close the action.

Contact your Departmental Safety Officer (DSO). They are able to do one of two things:

  1. Resend the email notification to you to allow you to complete the action yourself
  2. Complete the action on your behalf

IRIS guidance materials

If the above FAQs do not resolve your query, please refer to the IRIS how to user guides for guidance on all IRIS system processes

IRIS how to user guides

IRIS self-service requests

Self-service requests can be submitted to the IRIS Support Team for most system queries. Some requests will require approval from your Area or Divisional Safety Officer:

IRIS self-service requests

Report an incident on IRIS

Report an incident


Log in to the IRIS system

Safety officers only

You must be connected to the University's network or VPN

Log in to IRIS  


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Email the team

Can't find a solution to an issue in the FAQ's or guidance materials?

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